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Clinic Patient Portal

Clinic Patient Portal
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It's easy! Here's how:

  1. Click on your provider's name to open the patient portal.
  2. Register. Make sure to use your primary or home phone number when registering.
  3. Log in with a PIN number that you will receive from the front desk staff at your clinic or identify your own PIN number and follow the directions.

For assistance, or if you experience difficulty when registering on the Patient Portal, please call your clinic's office at the number listed above during normal business hours.

Here is SECURE access to your personal clinic, medical and billing information, organized by the referring physician. Just click on the name of your physician to log in to your family or guarantor account, using your PIN number.

If you are new to our system, click here:

Start a new account with us.

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The electronic medical record system enables you to view key medical information and much more. The portal is fully secure and complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

More about the Patient Portal...

Review your Personal Health Information.
You may view personal health information such as your allergies and immunization history.

Complete and update medical forms.
You now have the ability to complete patient information forms, such as the Release of Medical Information form and New Patient History Form, prior to your next appointment.

Request (non-urgent) appointments.
You may request physician appointments and more through the Patient Portal.

Update your profile and contact information.
You may update your address, contact information and insurance coverage. We encourage you to keep this profile up to date.

Exchange messages with our practice.
The Patient Portal's messaging system may be used to communicate about billing questions and non-urgent healthcare questions.

Review billing statements.
You can view your billing statement and register to have all statements sent via email.

Research health topics.
When you have registered and signed into the Patient Portal, you will have access to a wealth of healthcare information offered by Healthwise, a non-profit, independent health/research firm with award-winning credentials; these health professionals and writers contribute to other healthcare websites such as WebMD. The information is presented commercial-free.