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Rochelle Community Hospital is equipped with the region’s most advanced MRI technology. We are able to capture the most accurate images possible while still keeping your comfort in mind.

Feeling Claustrophobic About an Upcoming MRI?

photo of the Toshiba 1.5T Vantage Titan MRI machine with 38 inch opening

Toshiba 1.5T Vantage Titan
38-inch opening

Our MRI unit features a larger opening than most, giving patients more space inside and allowing them to enter feet first. Both of these factors help reduce feelings of claustrophobia, something that many people worry about when scheduling their test.

An MRI uses no radiation and scans a wide variety of body parts – brain, spine, knee, abdomen and others – showing detailed anatomy, blood flow and soft tissue.

How to Prepare for an MRI

Schedule an MRI

You may schedule your MRI at Rochelle Community Hospital by calling 815-562-2181, ext. 1350. We must have your doctor’s order on file before your MRI may be scheduled. Patients with a pacemaker CANNOT have MRI testing.