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Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Needs Assessment


Rochelle Community Hospital is dedicated to strengthening health by excelling in care. In the past, Rochelle Community Hospital has employed many different methods to assess the health needs of the communities it serves and has adjusted its services to meet those identified needs. Recent changes to federal laws governing not-for-profit hospitals now require Rochelle Community Hospital to conduct a local community health needs assessment, following specific guidelines, every three years and to report the completion of those assessments as part of their corporate tax filings with the Internal Revenue Service. Assessing community health needs through a review of available health data and discussion with area healthcare partners, community leaders and representatives of the many groups served by the hospital give Rochelle Community Hospital and its healthcare partners the opportunity to identify and address the area's most pressing healthcare needs.


Scope of Assessment

Rochelle Community Hospital conducted a community health needs assessment in 2015. The community health needs assessment was developed, conducted and authored by a consultant provided through the National Rural Health Resource Center in Duluth, Minnesota.

RCH 2019 Health Needs Assessment


RCH 2015 Health Needs Assessment

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