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Claudia Grenlund High Performer for October

Congratulations to Claudia Grenlund who is our High Performer for October! Claudia is a CNA and Health Unit Clerk on the Medical/Surgical floor and has been employed at RCH for two years.

She had two nominations: “Claudia works as a night shift CNA/Health Unit Clerk on the Medical/Surgical floor but she is so much more than that! From day one Claudia not only manages the front desk like a pro but also helps out with patient care whenever she can. She jumps up immediately when she hears a call light go off even when there are two other CNAs on shift. She doesn’t hesitate to jump in and help with patient care or to help comfort a patient or co-worker in need. She is extremely compassionate to her patients and takes time to help them feel at ease when needed. She has comforted countless confused patients as well as helped to de-escalate agitated patients. Often times she stays late to help when things are crazy and comes in extra shifts to help. Recently she has started cross training to Emergency as a Technician. Claudia has been recognized by not only her co-workers on Medical/Surgical countless numbers of times but also by her co-workers in Emergency in the short amount of time that she has been helping out there. Her co-workers have said that she is willing to do anything to help and she is a true team player. She continually goes above and beyond to care for our patients, employees, and visitors. She is quick to come up with ideas to improve any concerns that may arise and shows the initiative to help those ideas come to life. Claudia is the true meaning of High Performer and we are so grateful and thankful to have her on our team!”

“Claudia is amazing. She helps out so much and is so positive and cheerful! Claudia definitely deserves to be honored with employee of the month and year even. I enjoy her presence so much. She puts a smile on everyone’s face and makes both the patients and staff laugh.”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator