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Taunya Parsons is September High Performer

Congratulations to Taunya Parsons who has been named the High Performer for September! Taunya is a Patient Access Representative and has been employed at RCH for 11 years. She had two nominations.

"Taunya is a great asset to RCH in many ways. 

She contacts me when she has additional information for billing purposes or if she sees something that doesn’t quite look right and feels it needs to be checked out further. She is very concerned that we always do our best for the customer to make their experience at RCH as easy and pleasant as possible.

Even though we have spent many years together doing Continuing Education Unit (CEU) hours, she always comes prepared with new questions to ask and is very interested in the answers. She definitely keeps me on my toes! She is always very pleasant and upbeat and is a joy to be around.”


“Taunya is a very reliable third shift employee. She always displays a positive attitude and gets along great with other departments. Taunya works hard on Quality Assurance monitoring of all Patient Registrations. This is a great service to our patients because her checking for accuracy as well as correcting any errors she finds ensures the patients claims are processed correctly the first time and there are no billing issues. Taunya makes the most of her CEU time in the Business Office to keep up to date and increase her knowledge to be able to do this.

Any new project or improvement process we want to implement, she can always be counted on to take it on and do a great job!

She is also a great resource for assisting with training of new employees. She helps them to have a better understanding of the different insurances and how to enter them, discussing occurrence codes, going over the alarm panels, etc.

Although she works third shift and daytime meetings are not always convenient, she never misses a staff meeting or training session. She sets an excellent example of displaying the Hospitals Standards of Behavior.”



Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator