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Sandra Schaab is Named May High Performer

Congratulations to Sandra Schaab, RN who was named the High Performer for May. Sandra works in Same Day Surgery and has been an employee at RCH for 18 years.

“Sandy has been a patient advocate since I've known her. Her attention to the care of her patients never goes unnoticed. She is always there to give a word of encouragement to those she cares for, which always makes the patients feel at ease. Her strong sense of commitment to all she does is never overshadowed by her calming touch and voice to let those who she is with know they are in good hands.  One of Sandy's best traits is her honesty and sense of fairness. Sandy always looks for the best in everyone she comes in contact. Instead of picking sides Sandy will always look for the good in both. You can always know Sandy will give you the most honest answer that she can all the time.  As a fellow employee you can always count on Sandy to volunteer every time when asked for help to do something or go somewhere if she can. There is never a question in Sandy's mind of why this must be done but How can this be done. She is always wanting to learn and always shares any knowledge she has to anyone who will ask or has need of help. Sandy truly sets a standard of commitment, excellence, integrity, servitude and a love for those she cares for and what she does in her job. I am truly blessed to work with someone we can all learn from. Thank you Sandy for all you do.”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator