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photo of Ray Reineck of Rochelle

How did you know you were having a heart attack?

It was a typical Saturday morning. My grandkids were at the house and we had breakfast outside. While my wife was giving my granddaughter a bath, I started feeling really hot. I went downstairs to do some banking and noticed I was sweating so bad that it was dripping onto my deposit slips. I went back upstairs and told my wife that I wasn't feeling well, there was pain in my jaw and my chest felt tight. She immediately called 9-1-1 and the ambulance took me to RCH.

photo showing a patient in a bed being rushed to the ERWhat happened after you got to the hospital?

Seconds count... and Rochelle Community Hospital made the most of them by giving me the clot-busting drug and communicating with the cardiologist in Rockford every step of the way. They also kept me and my wife informed about what was going on, and in no time at all, I was flown by Lifeline to a Rockford hospital. I went directly to the cath lab there and received two stents.

Do you feel the care you received at Rochelle made a difference in your outcome?

Not many people can say they had 99% blockage in their artery and walk away with no heart damage at all... but I can. Even the nurse practitioner in Rockford said that having that type of blockage and no heart damage is rare and proof of the prompt care I received from my community hospital. Dr. Berg and the emergency room staff at RCH definitely saved my life.

Did you think you were at risk for a heart attack?

People were shocked when they found out I had a heart attack. I ate healthy, tried to maintain a good weight and kept active. I did have elevated cholesterol, but my doctor and I had been working on that. I didn't think I had any symptoms prior to the attack, but looking at it with 20/20 hindsight, I can see there were. I also think stress and genetics play a huge factor - both of which I have in my life.

What has your experience been with Rochelle Community Hospital since your heart attack?

photo of Ray Reineck on a treadmill with his therapist standing by

I've done all my rehab at RCH. They provided me with excellent education on what I should be eating and doing to keep my heart strong. I even graduated from the rehab program early, but still go over there to work out. Anyone who goes through a similar situation should definitely listen to what they have to say. People tend to think a larger hospital is better than their small community hospital. But that isn't so... especially in my case. The people and type of care you receive at RCH is what makes a difference.

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In addition to focusing on the health of our patients, Rochelle Community Hospital also is committed to the health of our community. Over the past year, we have reaffirmed this dedication in many ways:

  • Absorbed $1.5 million to care for patients who could not pay in 2013.
  • Delivered $4.7 million in services that were not fully reimbursed by government programs.
  • Maintained position as one of the leading employers in Rochelle, with 248 employees and counting.