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Dr. Andrew Blint

You have 206 bones...

Dr. Andrew Blint knows and cares for them well.photo of Andrew Blint, M.D. an Orthopaedic physician at Rochelle Community Hospital

You don't think much about them until something hurts. But if you have a sports injury or you think it's time to consider a knee or hip replacement, you want a doctor who's an expert on all your bones and joints.

Board-certified and fellowship-trained in orthopaedic trauma, Dr. Andrew J. Blint, founder of NITROrthopaedics, has extensive training in the field of orthopaedics, orthopaedic trauma and reconstructive surgery.


Dr. Blint sees patients on Fridays at the Multi-Specialty Clinic. 

Call 815-636-0700 for an appointment.


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