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PROOF Emergency

Photo of Kaycee Chadwick and her son James

This is your third child, so what happened that morning that was different?

It was March 28, the due date for welcoming our third child into the world. I woke up around 5 AM with a few labor pains, but they were pretty far apart, and I wasn’t even sure I was in labor. It felt nothing like what I had experienced with my other two boys. My doctor in Rockford told us to come on in, but before we left, I wanted to take a quick shower. By the time I was done – what I had been feeling changed dramatically. I felt like the baby was coming now and fast.

When did you realize this baby was going to be delivered at RCH?

Walking to the car, my contractions were still five minutes apart, but the need to push was overwhelming. Knowing RCH doesn’t deliver babies, my husband took off for Rockford – hoping to get as far north as possible in case we had to call an ambulance. One mile was all we made. I was scared that the baby was coming too fast so we called an ambulance. When emergency personnel arrived, they determined that delivery was imminent and I could not be safely transferred.

How did the emergency team at RCH respond when the ambulance dropped you off?

We got there shortly before 10 AM, and right away, I felt reassured everything would be okay. It all seemed so perfectly coordinated. The ultrasound technician was there to make sure the baby was in the proper position. Dr. Capulong and all the nurses were ready to go. The lab had my blood work results back quickly. And, the respiratory team was waiting outside my room in case they were needed. Dani, an experienced emergency room nurse, was on hand to help with the delivery. She took control and put us all at ease.

How do you think RCH did handling the emergency delivery?

Thank goodness, RCH was close by. At 10:24 AM – just over an hour from leaving our house – James Michael made his entrance into the world at 9 pounds, 1 ounce. While we were waiting for the ambulance to transport us, the staff went out of their way to make it a special, joyful day for our family. They really shared in our excitement! My parents, kids and sister-in-law were all allowed to come in to meet James. They even brought the kids coloring books. No words are adequate to convey the gratitude I have for Rochelle Community Hospital.

What would you tell people about the Emergency Services at Rochelle Community Hospital?

This wasn’t my first time using the RCH Emergency Room – although I never thought I would deliver a baby there! Every time we have used them, they have been able to get us right in... compared to our experience of waiting hours at a Rockford hospital. The staff treats you like a real person – validating your concerns and the crisis you are in. But they also expertly handle each emergency with confidence and communicate exactly what is going on to help reassure you everything will be okay. And that isn’t exclusive to our experiences with them either. Our extended family has used the emergency services at RCH, and they also vouch for what a wonderful ER we have right here in Rochelle.

How about from the dad’s perspective – what would you say about this overall experience, Paul?

Being on the hospital board, it’s one thing for me to say RCH is a great hospital. It’s another thing to have an emergency. After this experience with my wife and James, I’m sold for life. A lot of people think RCH is just a stop on the way to Rockford. They’d be surprised by the level of care they can actually receive at RCH – the hospital offers a lot of great services. At the same time, RCH understands its capabilities. They know what they can do, and they are ready and prepared to provide quick transfers when needed. If it weren’t for Rochelle Community Hospital, I would have been delivering our son in the car. We’re both very grateful they were here for us that day.

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