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photo of Dr. John Prabhakar, of Rochelle

What made you decide to go to Rochelle Community Hospital?

I practiced as a surgeon at RCH and retired after 30 years. When it came time for my knee replacement, I knew I wanted to have my surgery at RCH. They offered state-of-the-art technology and have surgeons from Midwest Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) in Sycamore operating there now too. Dr. Rajeev Jain was part of this group and after meeting with him I knew he was an excellent surgeon with the bedside manners to match. Staying in town also made it easier for my family and friends to visit me in the hospital.

What type of technology did they use for your knee replacement?

My right knee joint was replaced with the very newest technology, the Signature Biomet Knee. This state-of-the-art, MRI-based technology was custom made for my individual needs. It uses a three-dimensional guide and precise alignment of the new knee with my entire leg. I'm so thankful RCH provides such modern technology right at our doorsteps.

How fast were you up on your feet and moving again?

Twenty-four hours after surgery, I was up walking. Three days after surgery, I was admitted to a "swing bed" and received twice-a-day therapy and supportive care that helped me get ahead. A week later, I went home... without crutches or pain! Soon, I may be playing tennis even better than before!

What is a "swing bed"?

The "swing beds" are probably one of RCH's best-kept secrets. They are used when patients need short-term care after an illness or operation, but no longer require the full support of a hospital stay. This option worked well for me during that first week after surgery because I felt it would have been difficult to manage going up and down stairs and taking care of my personal needs, such as showering, on my own at home.

What was your experience with their Physical Therapy and Rehab services?

Words cannot express the care rendered to me by the entire staff at RCH. They knew what they were doing, pushed when I needed pushing and pulled back when necessary. Their innovations and customized cared went a long way in helping me recover so fast from the operation.

How did your experience at RCH differ from what you might have had at a larger hospital?

Because RCH is a smaller hospital, everybody knows what your needs are - from the pharmacist to the housekeeper to the patient care coordinator. Simply put, you receive more attention than you might at a bigger facility. Plus, the food is wonderful - straying from the bland tasteless fare many hospitals provide to resemble gourmet café quality.

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In addition to focusing on the health of our patients, Rochelle Community Hospital also is committed to the health of our community. Over the past year, we have reaffirmed this dedication in many ways:

  • Absorbed $1.5 million to care for patients who could not pay in 2013.
  • Delivered $4.7 million in services that were not fully reimbursed by government programs.
  • Maintained position as one of the leading employers in Rochelle, with 248 employees and counting.